Your destiny is in your hand.

I stumble upon her. And I felt 'vivivi'.

You must have once dreamed of a fateful encounter.
vivivi CONTROLLER is a device that will make this dream come true.

The word ‘vivivi’ describes the electric feel in Japanese
and it is also used for the feel of falling in love.

So this device converts your feeling (vivivi)
to an actual electricity (vivivi) and informs you
that you have encountered to the destined partner.

You will no longer miss the 'one'.
Because your destiny is in your hand.


Hold the device firmly
and make sure your thumb is placed
on the heart rate sensor.

Have a little walk around with it.
The sensor will measure your heart rate
as you walk pass beautiful girls.

The sensor instantly notice
your falling-in-love feel because
it detects the increase of your heart rate. Then it converts your electric feel
to an actual electric shock.
You will be forced to say 'ouch' but as a result, she will look at you.


Size W100.0 X H91.5 X D48.3 (mm)
Material PLA
Weight Aprox 250g (including battery)
Battery lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Charging Capacity 400mAh


Love is killing me

'Love is killing me' is a content
for people who want to experience Vivivi Sensor.

All you need to do is watch the screen showing
beautiful girls but with the device of course.

As soon as you saw your type, the heart rate goes
up so the sensor releases electric shock.

This experience is documented with super slow motion
so people can enjoy the moment of falling in love.


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